About Our Family
family Welcome! My name is Dustin Beck. The Lord has called my family and I to the mission field of Butte, Montana. My wife's name is Melissa and we have two children, Devin and Lydia. As a family, we ask you to keep us in your prayers and pray for the work that God desires for us in Montana.

I have worked in Corporate America as an IT Systems Analyst and Software Developer since 2005, while my wife has stayed home and taught our children in home school. God called me to preach in February of 2010, and now our family has been called to take the Gospel and start a new church in Butte, Montana. I graduated Calvary Baptist Bible College in King, NC in May of 2018, and we started full time deputation in April 2018.

God has called our family to go and start a new Independent Baptist Church in the city of Butte, Montana. We are praying that God would send another family or two with us. According to the Bible, we see that teams are sent to the mission fields, and we believe that to be God's desire now. This would allow us to have a small base, and help in starting the new work.

We are being sent out of Lighthouse Baptist Church, in Welcome, NC under Pastor Avery Varnadore. They are our home church and they are truly family to us. They have supported us every step, in so many ways. Our family has been serving here since January of 2010 in various capacities. We have assisted our youth director and his wife since 2010, and have also taught the College & Career Sunday School class for several years. I preach whenever Pastor is out of town or needs me to preach, and now, fill in for other teachers as needed. I have also served 2 terms as a deacon and we both sing in the choir and help with various activities around the church as needed. My wife has also led the ladies group in varying capacities over the years.

About Butte, Montana
The city of Butte is located in the southwestern area of the state, at the intersection of two major interstates (I-90 and I-15). The city was once a thriving mining town in the early 1900's up until about 1916 when a major fire struck one of the mines. Butte City View The population ultimately dropped from around 100,000 people down to almost 32,000. Some of the mines are still in operation today, employing an estimated 300 workers. The industry brought people from all over the country and the world to work in the mines.

Today, from what I can see, the people mostly work in the service industry. People are working in restaurants, retail stores, schools, and the university primarily. However, the Port of Montana, which is a transportation facility, which provides distribution, storage and transload services for freight moving through Western Montana, is also a major industry for Butte. On the south side of the city, you will also find ranches, as are scattered all over the state.

Spiritually speaking, the city has twenty two churches. Out of the twenty two, there are two American Baptist and two Independent Baptist churches. Out of the 37,000 people in the city, nearly 20,000 proclaim no religious affiliation at all. For the remainder, the area is heavily Catholic, and even has an 89 foot statue of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of the Rockies) at the top of the mountain, overlooking the city.

Why Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission?
Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission first came to my attention through Calvary Baptist Church and Calvary Baptist Bible College. While in college, I learned of missionaries partnering with FBWWM from Calvary Baptist Church. During the the first missions module that the college offerred, a respresentative of FBWWM came to the college and taught a class on missions.

FBWWM It was during this module that my pastor and I were trying to decide on who to partner with. We looked into a few different ones, but we finally settled on FBWWM. We were encouraged by an agency that took pride in simply being a help to the sending church and pastor. Also, with the wealth of missionary experience they had to offer, the help we would receive from them would be of tremendous value. I believe very strongly in all ministries being part of a local church as well. FBWWM is a local ministry of East Side Baptist Church, in Memphis, TN. For more information about this mission agency, visit www.FBWWM.org.

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